(TReel) Cable Reels

Teknotes (TReel) Cable Reels    

TReel cable reels are used in electric transmission, data transmission and grounding purposes. Our engineers can custom design the cable reels depending on the customer requirements.

The size of the cable reels vary due to the type, size and length of the cable and also the place of use. Our current models can operate with cables that have various shapes and diameters. The design of the reel is made accordingly depending on the cable length and weight. TReel Spring-driven reels can rewind up to 60 meters of cables. Whereas TReel motor-driven reels can rewind cables over 60 meters long. The motor-driven cable reels can be hydraulic, pneumatic and electric.

TReel cable reels are long lasting and can endure continuous heavy operating conditions. Due to the heavy-duty body design and the ultra-long life and efficient bearings used in the rotating parts, such as the swivel joint, is what makes TReel superior to any other brand in the market. TReel Cable Reels are efficient and user friendly. They can operate both indoor and outdoor. Therefore, they are widely preferred for use on vehicles for mobile applications. Other common areas of use of TReel Cable reels are cranes, movable platforms, grounding applications, communication infrastructures and military applications.

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