Esterer (Germany)
Esterer (Germany)TEKNOTES LTD. is the represantative for Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Esterer GmbH & Co for local sales and giving after sales services for Esterer Aircraft Refuelers and Hydrant Dispensers.
Hansaconsult (Germany)
Hansaconsult (Germany)TEKNOTES the represantative of hansaconsult GmbH for Refuelling and Fuel Depot Systems and Leak Detection Systems, Airfield Fuel Hydrant Systems, Project Management Analysis with Construction.
Cashco (USA)
Cashco (USA)We represent Cashco for their Vapor Control Valves, Regulators and Control Valves.
Spintek (USA)
Spintek (USA)We represent Spintek for their Membrane Ultra Filtration Systems and Hydrometallurgy Products.
PETSO (Turkey)
PETSO (Turkey)TEKNOTES a member of PETSO Group, building gas stations with all related equipment, giving after sales service, maintenance and revisioning infrastructure, and total project management.
Lübbering (Germany)
Lübbering (Germany)TEKNOTES LTD. provides services for Lübbering GmbH for sale and applications of steel piston manhole covers.
Eurolube (Sweden)
Eurolube (Sweden)TEKNOTES LTD. provides services for EUROLUBE for lubrication supply and automation equipments, sales and services.
ZUWA (Germany)
ZUWA (Germany)TEKNOTES LTD. provides services for ZUWA-Zumpe GmbH for diesel supply pumps, sales and services.
Veeder-Root EMR3 (Belgium)
Veeder-Root EMR3 (Belgium)TEKNOTES LTD. provides services for Veeder-Root Company for sale and service of electronic monitoring products.
NGK BERYLCO (UK)TEKNOTES LTD. provides services for NGK Berylco for sale service of non-sparkling manual instruments.
Secutech (Austria)
Secutech (Austria)TEKNOTES LTD. provides services for Secu-Tech level measuring automation systems, sales and application services.
SABA (Netherlands)
SABA (Netherlands)TEKNOTES LTD. provides services for SABA company for construction impermeability materials, sales and services.