Oxygen-Acetylene Hose Reel

Teknotes Oxygen-Acetylene and LPG Hose Reels (Drums) are the products that ensure the transfer of Oxygen and Acetylene and LPG gases safely, by leak-proofing and also by preventing the mixing of the two gases. Oxygen and Acetylene inlet is on the same shaft and optionally, feeding from left or right side can be made.

What is Oxygen-Acetylene Hose Reel?

Oxygen-Acetylene Hose Reel

These are the machines that transfer oxygen, acetylene and LPG without any danger of leakage with the help of a spindle joint during feeding, and make it possible to keep the supply hose stable during this process.

Oxygen-acetylene and LPG Reels are mechanisms that you can fully open both hoses, use both at the same time and easily wrap both while rewinding. Rewind in automatic hose reels; It can be made with the help of 12/24/48 VDC, 220VAC or 380VAC electric motors, pneumatic motors, hydromotors or with spring springs or by hand.

Rotary guide systems are used at the exit part of the reel to prevent the wearing of your industrial reel hoses. If you have long length hoses, random rewinding of these hoses can cause problems to the system. To prevent this, uniform winding guide mechanism can be added to our reels.

Oxygen-Acetylene Hose Reel Features:

Working Pressure [bar]
0.1 - 25
Length [m]
1 – 1000
  • Rotary table system option that can rotate up to 160 ° in wall mounting and 360 ° in floor mounting,
  • Hydromotor, electric or pneumatic motor, spring-loaded and manual lever rewinding,
  • G ¼ "- 2" stainless shaft feed inlet,
  • Stainless, galvanized, static powder coated sheet options,
  • DKP or HRP sheet options,
  • They are directly connected to Oxygen and Acetylene sources,
  • Special spring steel made of C75 and grounded,
  • Optional, ,automatic guide mechanism for uniform winding,
  • Mounting options for ceiling, floor, wall and mobile work areas,
  • Brake option on manual reels,
  • Double hose wrapping
  • Lock mechanism option,
  • Oxygen-acetylene and LPG hose option according to your request,
  • Special guide for preventing wear,
  • Hose stabilizer wedge that ensures spring is always stretched,
  • Optional adjustable hose outlet direction,
  • Color options,
  • The spindle-joint assembly is made of stainless material in all products.

Where are Oxygen-Acetylene and LPG Hose Drums Used?

Where are Oxygen-Acetylene and LPG Hose Drums Used?Oxygen-Acetylene / LPG Hose Drums, which are indispensable for the welding workshops; It is used in underground and aboveground tank production and maintenance operations, in the repair and installation stages of the infrastructure pipes (Water, Petroleum, Chemical…), and in the industrial welding works of technical personnel in the automotive and other large industries.

The main uses of Oxygen-Acetylene and LPG Hose Drums are;

  • Welding workshops,
  • Shipyards,
  • Airports,
  • Railways,
  • Factories.