Nitrogen Tire Inflators

Teknotes manufactures Nitrogen Tire filling systems from capacities of 3m3/h to 40m3/h. Besides Electronic systems Mechanical systems are also designed and built according to your needs.

Why to Use Nitrogen Tire Inflation Systems:

Nitrogen filled tires will last longer, provide increased safety, better fuel efficiency, and reduces operating costs.

  • Maintain proper inflation pressure longer: Tires inflated with compressed air lose 2 psi/month.  It takes up to 6 months or more for the same loss with nitrogen
  • Improve fuel efficiency: Properly inflated tires provide a 3.3% increase in miles/gallon
  • Eliminate chemical aging of the tire: As oxygen permeates through the side wall, it degrades the rubber, causing the tire to deteriorate. Nitrogen is inert and prolongs tire quality
  • Longer tire life: By maintaining proper inflation pressure and minimizing tire aging, tire life improves by up to 25%
  • Nitrogen is very dry (-50°F dewpoint): Nitrogen eliminates condensation and rim corrosion, and will allow tires to run cooler and provide a safer ride
  • Prevent autoignition of the tire: Tires running cooler will minimize autoignition, providing a safer ride
  • Increase retreadability: As nitrogen minimizes the oxidation of the rubber, the tire retains its original quality longer, providing more retreads

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