Mounted Reels

Mounted ReelsTeknotes reels are produced to work on mobile equipment. They are customized according to the width and height values indicated on your moving vehicles.

In accordance with the power generators your cable and hoses are produced with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic motor or spring rewind options.

Our reels can operate in every condition with on-board and mobile platforms. Teknotes reels provide high efficiency with easy body assembly for irrigation, cleaning, waste water, canal cleaning, liquid and gas transportation operations.

Industrial reel and technical parts are manufactured to prevent leakage. Furthermore, stainless option is available for each model.

Mounted Reels’ Specs

  • Is available in different sizes and hose/ cable lenghts
  • They provide business continuity in indoor and outdoor use.
  • 303-304-316 stainless steel, galvanized, painted options are offered.
  • Customised paint job.
  • Lock mechanism.
  • Maintenance services are offered under the guarantee of Teknotes