Motorized Reels

Motorized Reels, Electric Motor ReelsOur Electric Motor Reels can rewind hoses and cables of the desired diameter and length, as well as bring simplicity and flexibility to work environments with floor, ceiling or on-board mounting options.

Our Reels are produced with electric motor, pneumatic motor and hydraulic motor options.

Our reel series provide uninterrupted operations in indoor and outdoor environments with its robust body structure and special bearing system.

It is offered with Motorized Stainless Reel and Motorized Stainless Drum options to work in sensitive business lines.

Our products are located in Professional industrial equipment; They can take part in all kinds of work and production machinery teams in industrial areas.

The reel and technical parts are manufactured in such a way that they do not allow leakage and sealing.

Our Motor-Geared Reels has been designed with Ex-Proof engine support to work in flammable and explosive environments. Our motor-reducer reels can be customized for environments operating at variable engine power and rpm.

We have project and production options within the scope of special uses and needs. Please contact us for our motor-specific, hose-specific and area-specific motorized reels.

  • In different lengths and roads; they have the capacity of hose, cable winding and carrying.
  • They provide business continuity in indoor and outdoor use.
  • Ex-proof products comply with the standards.
  • They are supplied with hose, hose coupling and hose ball stop.
  • They have high quality rewinding springs.
  • Stainless steel 303-304-316 sheet metal, Galvanized, Painted DKP metal options are offered.
  • They offer mounting options for ceiling, floor, and mobile work areas.
  • They add aesthetic value with dyeing options suitable for the working environment.
  • They have free-standing or hose rewinding capabilities.
  • They have a roller bearing roller hub.
  • There are lockable option standards.
  • Maintenance and service facilities are provided with Teknotes assurance
  • Spare parts and service opportunities.
  • They guaranteed


Ex-proof Motor (explosions proof); They are known as explosion-proof, spark-free motors. Also Ex-proof; It is the expression used to describe special materials used in environments with risk of explosion and fire. Explosive atmosphere descriptions are explained under Article ATEX 137.

Exproof motors are electric-powered power generators operating in flammable gases, steam or liquids such as gasoline, thinner. The working principles have been designed in such a way that they do not produce sparks and cause an explosion. It is an industrial standard.