Industrial Reel

Industrial air and cable reels are devices designed to withstand many uses in all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications.

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What are Industrial Reel Types?

Teknotes Industrial ReelHose reels are the systems that keep the hose constant in a way to ensure the sealing with shaft-joint mechanism to transfer fluids such as air, argon, oxygen-acetylene, milk, water, chemical liquids, hydraulic oil, grease, acids, fuel oil, LPG from the supply line to the hose wrapped on the reel.

Cable reels are the systems that provide the continuous transfer of data, sound, image, signal, ethernet, energy-like units to the cables wrapped in the reel by means of carbon brush and communication rings. High-tech special contact communication rings (silver, gold) are used in audio, video and data cables.

On Electrohydraulic Reels 2 or more hydraulic hoses are wound on the same drum with an electrical or signal cable. The same reel has both hydraulic hoses and signal/ electrical cable.

Grounding reels are used for the discharge of static electricity where grounding and static load protection activities are necessary. For example; fuel supply, paint industry, flammable combustible material supply, defense and aircraft industry and so on. Discharge is made from the base of the reel and the axle in the hub. For this reason, the system should be placed on a conductive surface for a better performance.

Industrial reels are one of the indispensable components of the manufacturing and logistics industry for reducing your workload. Eliminated cables and hoses play an important role in ensuring a safer work environment. In addition, high-quality industrial reels increase the productivity of your business by providing a seamless work environment.

Where are Industrial Reels Used?

Industrial drums are mainly used for fuel products however, they are also used for water, air, electricity, sound, image, oxygen, chemical liquids, food, beverage, steam, fire etc. They can work in thousands of departments. It is very important that reels are made out of high quality materials and can be used comfortably in both light and heavy duty jobs.

Why Teknotes Industrial Reels ?

For over 15 years, the experience and expert team of Teknotes is one of the biggest factors in being a pioneer of the industrial reel production in Turkey. Our company has been ISO 9001 certified since 2006; The quality of cable and hose reels, from design to production, from installation to after-sales services can be seen in the entire company.

Why Teknotes Industrial Reels ?

  • Beside standard product range, special design options according to location and position,
  • Unlimited quantities of product options for all diameter hoses and cables in each section,
  • High quality industrial reels designed with superior engineering
  • High quality, durable reels
  • Possibility of design and production according to military standards for military defense vehicles,
  • Turkey leader in new and innovative products
  • Fast and professional service
  • All our reels are shipped with special quality tests.