Hanging Type Cable Reels

Hanging Type Cable ReelsHanging type Cable Reel; It is designed for the safe operation of power tools in workshops, assembly benches, factories producing band and for removing the sockets from the environment again after the process.

Our hanging type Cable Reel prevents exposed conductors from creating current in the environment, sparking, and interfering with other conductors. Keeping electrical outlets away from the ground environment creates safe working environments for employees.

Hanging Type Cable Reels Specifications

  • They are capable of winding and carrying cable in different length.
  • They provide business continuity in indoor and outdoor use.
  • It can be easily mounted on wall or ceiling rail systems.
  • It is presented with safety rope and mass limiting modules.
  • It does not come into contact with the current distributor sockets.
  • Stainless steel 303-304-316 sheet metal, Galvanized, Painted DKP sheet metal options are offered.
  • Mounting options for ceiling, floor, mobile work areas.
  • Adding aesthetic value to the working environment with appropriate painting options.
  • Ability of hanging or rewinding cable.
  • Maintenance and service facilities are provided with the guarantee of Teknotes
  • Spare parts and service possibilities.


An important part of the occupational accidents in manufacturing industry are caused by electrical accidents. Therefore, be careful to keep power tools and power outlets out of the ground. Please note that the distributor sockets will become open conductors in case of breakage or cable breakage.

Occupational Safety Law; "A report should be issued by an electrical engineer or a master engineer who has a periodical certificate of expertise on a yearly basis, including the lighting circuit." According to the principle of having your electrical distribution lines checked at least once a year by experts, it will be a guarantee for your life and property safety.