Fuel Sampling Equipment

Tank Gauging Plumb Bobs:

1- Inage
2- Outage
3- Water Level

Plumb Bobsplumbing bobsplumbing bobs

All tank gauging plumb bobs are produced from non sparking materials.


Metal Sampler
Samplers:Aluminum Bottle Sampler

Tank sampling unit, is for taking samples form stock and transferred petroleum products. Except for gaseous petroleum products at atmospheric conditions and electrical isolation oils, sampling could be done according to TS 900-1 ISO 3170.

The sampling unit tube and the carrying handle are brass, and allows sampling from 367 mm above the tank bottom.

The outside diameter is 70 mm. The sampling unit is of non sparking type, but in order to avoid the static electricity, grounding should be established on the suitable place on the tank. At the connection there should be no rust or paint avoiding the contact.

The Aluminium sampling bottle and its cage, with its outer diameter being 94 mm, it allows samples to be taken up to 230 mm height from the tank bottom, is designed to sink at any density, with non-sparking material.


Complete Sampling Kit

Tank Fuel Sampling Kit:


- Hydrometers of different scales
- Fuel And Water Finding Paste
- 1000 cc glass and 500 cc plastic measuring beakers
- Rope
- Plumb bobs for Inage and Outage and measuring water level,
- Tank Sampling Thermometer case
- Earthing clamp and cable
- Gloves


Fuel Sample Cargo Box
Fuel Sample Cargo Box (IP56)

315 * 280 * 335 mm

Technical Properties:

This box is for safe transportation of the fuel sampling bottles to the laboratories via Cargo.

Protects against impacts, and it does not allow any spilled fluid to leak out.

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