Fuel Hose Reels

Teknotes Fuel Hose Reels; Designed to be used in the transfer, distribution and logistics of petroleum and petroleum.

What is Fuel Hose Reel?

Industrial Fuel Reel Industrial Fuel Reel is the mechanism that provides immobilization of the fuel hose that is wound on the reel during the feeding and ensuring its sealing with shaft and joint.

There are many rewinding methods for retractable hose reels. You can rewind your reel manually or with the help of a spring mechanism or 12/24/48 VDC, 220VAC, 380VAC electric motors, pneumatic motors and hydro motors. There are also systems that allow you to lock the entire hose on your stainless-steel reel safely at any time.

The anti-wear systems at the exit sections of the hose winders ensure a longer service life of the hose. In order to prevent problems in rewinding long hoses, row winding systems can be added to industrial reels. If you wish, instead of rewinding the hose side by side, we also have hose reels that can rewind the hose in a row.

Features of our Fuel Hose Reels

Working Pressure [bar]
0.1-18 bar
Length [m]
1 – 1000
  • Direct connection to storage facilities,
  • Able to carry dense liquid fuel and liquid weights
  • Made of C75, ground special spring steel,
  • Special anti-wear tapping
  • Optional adjustable hose outlet direction,
  • DKP or HRP sheet options,
  • Option of fuel hose according to your request,
  • G ¼ "- 2” stainless shaft feed inlet,
  • Hose fixing stopper that keeps the spring always tensioned,
  • Lockable option,
  • Stainless, galvanized, static powder coated sheet options,
  • Optional, automatic rewinding,
  • Braking option on manual reels,
  • Mounting options for ceiling, floor, wall and mobile workspaces,
  • Color is changeable upon request,
  • Hydro motor, electric or pneumatic motor, spring (spring) and manual arm rewinding,
  • Shaft and joint parts are manufactured from stainless steel in all products.

Where are Fuel Hose Reels Used?

Fuel Hose ReelsTeknotes Fuel Hose Reels; It has been carefully designed to be used in every environment, area and situation where the distribution and logistics of petroleum and petroleum products is made.

Main areas of usage of Fuel Hose Reels are;

  • Airport ground operations,
  • Fuel tankers,
  • Fuel filling facilities,
  • Mining.