Food and Beverage Grade Hose Reel

Food and Beverage grade hose reels, complete with stainless steel hoses for food and beverage contact, ensure order and safety in your work area.

What is Food and Beverage Grade Hose Reel?

While the shaft-joint assembly ensures the sealing of the hose during the food transfer, the systems that keep the feeding hose fixed are called Industrial Food and Beverage Hose Reels.

Food and Beverage Grade Hose Reel You can pull and use the whole hose wrapped on your stainless reel. When you want to rewind the hose, you have 3 different options. You can rewind the hose of your reel by hand or in the automatic hose winders; It can be made with 12/24/48 VDC, 220VAC or 380VAC electric motors, pneumatic motors, hydro motors or with spring winding.

Stainless steel rotating guide systems are used at the outlet of your reel to prevent hose abrasion. Also, Hose guide systems for uniform winding are the systems that can be added to the reel to prevent the problems that may arise when the hose on the reel randomly rewound.

Food and Beverage Grade Hose Reel Features:

Working Pressure [bar]
Up to 50b
Quantity [m]
1m to 100m
  • Completely stainless material from sheet metal to bolt,
  • Mounting options for ceiling, floor, wall and mobile work areas,
  • Color option,
  • DKP or HRP sheet options,
  • Optional adjustable hose outlet direction,
  • G ¼ "- 2” stainless shaft feed inlet,
  • Made of C75, tempered spring steel,
  • Hose fixing wedge that keeps the spring always tensioned,
  • Hydromotor, electric or pneumatic motor, spring and manual arm rewind
  • Lock system option,
  • Braking option on manual reels,
  • Special anti-wear guide
  • Optional, hose guide for uniform winding
  • Stainless, galvanized, static powder coated sheet options,
  • The shaft-joint assembly is manufactured from stainless steel in all products.

Where are Food and Beverage Grade Hose Reels Used?

Endüstriyel Gıda Hortum Makaraları (Tamburları) Nerelerde Kullanılır?Teknotes Food and Beverage grade hose reels are designed to be used in any area where there is contact with food or beverages

  • Production facilities,
  • Factories,
  • Kitchens,
  • Canteens,
  • Restaurants.