Chemical Hose Reel

Chemical Hose Reel allows safe use of various corrosive chemicals and liquids.

What is Chemical Hose Reel?

What is Chemical Hose Reel?

These are the systems that keep the supply hose stationary while preventing the leakage of chemicals with help of the shaft-joint assembly.

In automatic hose rewinders, the rewinding of the hose is done with 12/24 / 48VDC, 220VAC or 380VAC electric motors, pneumatic motors, hydromotors. Also, spring (spring) or manual rewinding can be applied. During the use of the reel, it allows you to use all the hoses wrapped on the drum, also offers the possibility of locking in any length.

The guide systems at the outlet of our Stainless Hose Reel are protective systems to prevent the hose from abrasion. Rewinding of hoses over a certain length to industrial reels can be problematic in some cases, and if desired, the hose guide for uniform winding system can be added to the reel. There are also systems that enable the hose to be wound on top of each other.

Features of Our Chemical Hose Reels:

Working Pressure [bar]
up to 50 bar
Quantity [m]
1 – 1000
  • Reel option suitable for all kinds of chemicals,
  • Acid-resistant specially manufactured sealing element,
  • Chemical receiver, transmitter, receiver-transmitting reels,
  • Mounting options for ceiling, floor, wall and mobile work areas,
  • Color option,
  • DKP or HRP sheet options,
  • Optional hose outlet direction,
  • G ¼ "- 2" stainless shaft feed inlet,
  • Special grounded spring steel made of C75,
  • Hose stabilizer wedge that ensures spring is always stretched,
  • Hydromotor, electric or pneumatic motor, spring and manual rewind,
  • Lock mechanism option,
  • Braking option on manual rewinding reels,
  • Special guide for preventing wear,
  • Optional, automatic guidemechanism for uniformly rewinding,
  • Stainless, galvanized, static powder coated sheet options,
  • Chemical hose option according to your request,
  • Shaft-joint parts are manufactured from all stainless materials in all products.

The main usage areas of Chemical Hose Reels are;

  • Workshops,
  • Factories,
  • Foundries.