Air Hose Reels

Air hose reels are reel systems that help you rewind the air or gas hoses automatically or manually after use, and ensure the fluid to be sealed and transported and uniformly wound.

Teknotes manufactures Industrial Hose Reels for Air and Gasses in countless fields from the highest quality materials to meet your every need and offers you a wide range of products.

What is Industrial Air Hose Reel ?

What is Industrial Air Hose Reel ?These are the systems that transfer the compressed air which is connected from the supply line to the hose wrapped on the drum in such a way as to ensure the sealing of the hose by the shaft-joint devices and to ensure that the supply hose remains constant.

Metal reels are devices which you can pull out the entire hose wrapped on it, lock it at any distance and automatically rewind or manually collect it. Rewinding process in automatic hose reels can be made with 122448 VDC, 220VAC or 380VAC electric motors, pneumatic motors, hydromotor or by springs.

Rotary guide mechanism are used at the exit sections of hose winding reels to prevent corrosion of the hoses. In industrial reels, the random rewinding of the hoses can give problems to the system in long-length applications and if desired, hose guide mechanism can be added to the reel for uniform winding. As in the case of crane reels in ports, we can produce the reels for your needs when it is preferred to wind the hose going through a channel on top of each other, not side by side during the rewinding process.

Features of our Industrial Air Hose Reels:

Working Pressure [bar]
0.1 - 600
Operating Temperature [° C]
-30 / +105
Quantity [m]
1 – 1000
  • Hydromotor, electric or pneumatic motor, spring and manual arm rewinding options,
  • Mounting options for ceiling, floor, wall and mobile work areas,
  • Stainless, galvanized, static powder coated sheet options,
  • DKP or HRP sheet options,
  • Made of C75, grounded spring steel,
  • G ¼ - 2” stainless shaft feed inlet,
  • Hose fixing wedge that keeps the spring always tensioned,
  • Latch mechanism option,
  • Brake option on manual reels,
  • Special anti-wear guide
  • Optional, hose guide for uniform rewinding,
  • Optional adjustable hose outlet direction,
  • Optional color option,
  • Air hose option according to your request,
  • Shaft-joint parts are manufactured from stainless steel in all products.

The main application areas of Industrial Air Hose Reels are;

The main application areas of Industrial Air Hose Reels are;

  • Factories,
  • Paint shops,
  • Auto tires shops,
  • Workshops,
  • Automation machineries,
  • Foundries,
  • On-board equipment.